Super Summer

Super Summer Oklahoma

June 13th – 17th
Oklahoma Baptist University


Super Summer Oklahoma began in 1986 as a training opportunity
for youth ministers to bring Christian young people who were
interested in advancing their personal spiritual growth. 

Super Summer Oklahoma is an independent camp operated
by a board of directors made up of youth ministers, pastors,
and laymen.
Super Summer exists to inspire and equip students
as Kingdom-minded leaders.

Super Summer focuses on 5 core values of spiritual growth:
Spiritual Disciplines, Leadership, Evangelism,
Discipleship, and Service/Ministry. 


The curriculum revolves around these themes:

  • Personal Holiness
  • Practical ministry to the world they see and the world they don’t see.
  • Christ-like leadership qualities
  • Intentional missional impact

What super summer is not

  • For the casually committed member of youth group
  • For spiritually lost teens

Camp breakdown

  • Students are divided into schools.
  • This is done by grade, starting with students completing the 7th grade through students completing their senior year of high school.
  • Students are placed in a family group consisting of 1-2 adult leaders and 10-12 students.
  • Each family group is integrated with students from different churches.
  • Family groups are intended to facilitate thoughts and conversations based on the teaching and provide a “family” atmosphere away from home.

The basic rundown

  • Each school has large group teaching times followed by family group sessions.
  • The afternoon incorporates a variety of physical and spiritual options.
  • The evening provides an interactive and responsive worship opportunity in music, video, and the challenging teaching that leads into the final family time of the day.


Cost is $205 per person
Payment is due by Sunday, June 5th