Tapestry Toy Store Signup

On Saturday, Dec. 15th we will be volunteering at the Tapestry Toy Store. It was started in 2009 to help provide toys for families in need, and it happens at Dumas Avenue Baptist Church. This is a predominantly Hispanic area, and they also reach out to John Adams and Rockwood Elementary Schools. They collect new, unwrapped toys and books. The toys are priced from $1-$7 depending on their price at Walmart.

Families are allowed to spend $15. The books are free and there is a stocking stuffer table where they get 1 free toy per kid being shopped for. If families don’t have money to shop, they can do an hour of community service to earn a gift certificate to pay for their toys. We have them shop first so they know what they are working for.

Volunteers help people in line fill out their form, help people shop, make toy suggestions to parents that don’t know what to pick, keep a running total of how much a customer is spending, serve as “human shopping carts”, wrap gifts, pray for people, and watch the parking lot for safety.

We will leave from EHC at 11 a.m. on the 15th, and return at 2:30.
Eat a late breakfast or lunch before you come. This is a “whole family” opportunity,
so parents are welcome to come, too!