Tech Team

Are you a techie, nerd, musician, guru, tinkerer, audiophile or just technically inclined? When you go to a concert or a show/production do you find yourself analyzing the technical side of the event more than the actual performance? Are you interested in serving at EHC on the tech team? We are always looking for new people to add to the volunteer rotation so if that’s you please read all the content below to see if you think you would be a good fit to serve with us.


Our aim is not to have a perfect audio mix, direct seamless transitions, or capture the perfect camera shot. We’re not about highlighting the people on stage or setting off dramatic light shows. If our actions draw attention to ourselves we have failed in our goal to direct people towards God! We aren’t serving to please people or make everyone comfortable, our mission is much greater:  We want to engage the hearts and minds of the congregation to worship God.

Excellence in Tech

It’s a big deal to be trusted with the sound, video, and lighting equipment for a service with hundreds of people in attendance. The fact of the matter is that a certain level of experience and talent is required before someone can do many of the jobs on our Tech Team. We want to be working to fully utilize our gifts, always striving for excellence, and constantly improving our quality. There are many ways for us to improve what we are doing: watch training videos on YouTube, read documentation, go to conferences and concerts and do whatever else you can to continue to develop your gifts. Remember however, that excellence is different from perfection. Excellence is doing our very best with what we’ve been given, while perfectionism goes beyond to demand a flawless performance – perfectionism is not us. We will work at improving our skills together, while maintaining an attitude of worship. This growth process requires being open to constructive criticism and teaching. We just want to present our best to God in worship.

Basic Requirements for Participation

To be eligible for the tech team, you must consider Eagle Heights to be your home church, and have attended regularly for a minimum of 2 months. We are looking for trustworthy, team-minded people who will take the commitment seriously. Maintaining a humble, teachable attitude is very important. The tech team is not a platform for showcasing individual talents, but a place of service to the congregation. Be prepared to learn new ways of doing things.

Being Teachable

A servant realizes just how far they have to go. None of us have “arrived” in our spiritual lives, or in the way we mix music, shoot video, or program lights. We always need to be evaluating, picking apart, studying, reading, praying, worshipping – trying to grow in our understanding of God and what it means to worship Him and enable others in the same!

Tech Positions

There are several positions to serve in the tech booth and each one has a different skillset that is required. Below is a list of positions with a brief description of each one:

  1. Lyrics – This person is in control of everything that is seen on all screens in the sanctuary. Advancing lyrics at the correct time during songs, setting motion backgrounds, keeping up with the sermon notes and video playback are all under the responsibility of this person. (Hardware used: Windows PC; Software used: ProPresenter 7)
  2. Lighting – This person is in charge of programming all stage and house lights for the entire service. Balancing color and movement are key in this position to provide impact without distraction. (Hardware used: iMac, Jands Vista M1 lighting controller; Software used: Vista 3 by Chroma Q)
  3. Stream Audio – This person is in charge of mixing up to 32 channels of audio for the livestream. They must have a good ear for balance and be always preparing for the next part of the service to not miss any transition changes. (Hardware used: Windows PC, Behringer X-Touch;  Software used: Reaper)
  4. Stream Video – This person is in charge of switching what is seen on the livestream including changing between different camera shots, video playback, and controlling lower third graphics and titles. (Hardware used: Windows PC, Canon cameras, Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro; Software used: OBS, Companion)
  5. FOH Audio – This person is in charge of the overall mix inside the sanctuary. Balancing musicians, singers, speakers to provide an enjoyable experience for the congregation while not missing any mic cues during transitions. (Hardware used: Avid Venue SC48 mixing console, PC/Mac Laptop, iPad; Software used: Venue mixing software, ProPresenter, Playback (, PRIME Multitrack App (
  6. Technical Director – This person has mastered all other positions and is in charge of overseeing the volunteers in case in case any issues arise to help troubleshoot and provide support. This position also unlocks the church, turns all the equipment on, helps setup the order of service on the lyrics computer, shuts down the equipment after service and locks up afterwards. (Hardware used: Everything above; Software used: Everything above)

Notes: Stream Audio and Stream Video positions are currently combined into a single person. The Technical Director will also fill in should a volunteer not be able to make it.

Time Commitment

Volunteers are asked to arrive and be ready to start their positions by 8:30. Depending on the position that usually means arriving somewhere between 8:00 and 8:20 to ensure you’re able to double check that everything at your station is operating correctly and ready to go when the band starts rehearsal. The band will rehearse all of the songs on the set list and this time is used to program lights, run through the lyrics to ensure they are in the correct order, setup presets for FOH and Stream audio, adjust cameras and anything else that needs to be done to prepare for the service. Rehearsal usually ends somewhere between 9:30-45. We then have a quick meeting with the pastors to go over the order of service and then pray for the service. Depending on how many volunteers are currently in the rotations along with availability of volunteers you could be placed on the schedule anywhere from once every two months to several weeks in a row. You can also request to only be scheduled a certain number of times per month/year.

Still Reading?

Well you’ve made it this far so you must still be interested. The next step would be to fill out the interest form below. Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee that you will be asked to serve on the tech team. Adding new volunteers to the rotation will depend on the current number of volunteers, availability of the Technical Director/Experienced Volunteers to train new volunteers, existing experience, and other outside factors. We will maintain a list of all of those individuals who have expressed interest should the need arise to add additional people to the rotation.

Tech Team Interest Form