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To be humble. What an odd quality in a world driven by hustle and endless work. God’s purpose and plan for humility is to free us from the exhaustion and pride that corrode relationships and prevent us from loving the Lord and others well. This month as a family will you lift up the values of staying humble in the manner of Christ? And, commit to prayerfully examine the ways by which you as a family may be more humble.

Linked below are 4 weeks of family discipleship planning and social media captions to challenge and encourage families to posture themselves humbly. It is a both a reminder and examination of the need for humility as a people of faith in the way of Jesus.


Week of July 4th
The Purpose of Humility


Week of July 11th
The People of Humility


Week of July 18th
The Posture of Humility


Week of July 25th
The Plan of Humility